Esther Project Initiative Launch – Spring 2021

We are delighted to be launching our W.O.W (Women of Worth) Programme, an Esther Project Initiative, this spring.

Lockdown has been a global challenge for those who suffer at the hands of Domestic Abuse. Resources have been cut down and being able to find help or respite has been for some a difficult process to access due Covid Restrictions and the marked increase in cases during the Pandemic.

The Esther Project has managed to continue (within Covid Government Guidelines) meeting weekly and assisting daily vulnerable ladies in our community. Offering them much needed support and assistance.

During the past year we have been working on the W.O.W Programme which will be working within our Esther Project. Each lady that signs up to the programme will receive a well-being pack and the programme will offer well-being and up skilling courses as soon as Covid restrictions are lifted, which in turn will repair and boost self confidence and empower each woman individually.

Susan Verne – Esther Project Support Worker
W.O.W Well-Being Pack

Esther Project Support Worker Susan Verne gives an insight to W.O.W

“At Helping Hands we have a vision to make sure every woman who we meet through our soup kitchen, the House2Home project, or The Esther Group, knows just how valued they are…and that they are Women of so much Worth.

“We work with ladies who often have low confidence and low self-esteem, due to various life experiences and trauma.

“Our aim is to help each of these fabulous ladies to see and believe in their own worth and help them to upskill and reach their true potential.”

The fabulous team at Make Good Grow and they helped to bring the concept to life.

“Our thanks go to Josh Pinfold who connected us with creative director Jack Fitzgerald who gifted his time and skills to design these lovely bags and t-shirts to give away to each of our ladies.

“We will also be selling these in local shops/cafes, so anyone can buy a bag or a t-shirt to pass on to a woman in their life who needs to know their worth!

“All money raised from the bags and t- shirts will be used to further develop our women’s work.”

The WOW well-being packs were funded by a Heart of England Community Foundation ‘Doing things differently’ grant and also Pentlands Accountants, who donated their Christmas party.

Special thanks to the Leamington Courier for the wonderful press coverage they gave The Esther Project and the launch of the W.O.W Programme.